Executive Committee Sport Liaisons - 2018-2019

Sport Coordinator Directory - 2018-2019

Section V Athletic Council Directory - 2018-2019

Section V Executive Committee length expiration date of his/her term



Executive Director: Kathy Hoyt  
131 Drumlin Court - Maple Building
Newark   NY 14513

Office phone (315) 332-7324
Fax: (315) 332-7343


Coordinator of Communications and Marketing: Shaun Jeffers

131 Drumlin Court - Maple Building
Newark   NY 14513

Office phone (315) 332-7324
Fax: (315) 332-7343


President: Craig Veley
Geneseo CSD

Work: (585) 243-3450 ext 1006


Past President: Pete Shambo

Penfield CSD

Work: (585) 249-6736



President Elect: Dave Boundy
Rochester City School District - Franklin HS

Work: (585) 324-3721



Girls Vice-President: Lori Delyser
Marion CSD

Work: (315) 926-4228




Boys Vice-President: Steve Veeder
Lyons CSD

Work:  (315) 946-2250



Boys Central Committee Rep.:Tom Schmandt
Pal Mac CSD

Work: (315) 597-3409




Girls Central Committee Rep.: Kim Henshaw
Greece Olympia H.S.

Work: (585) 621-1500; Ext. 5006
Email: kimberly.henshaw@greece/


Treasurer: Jackie Meyer
131 Drumlin Court - Maple Building
Newark, NY 14513

Work: (315) 332-7324



Superintendents' Rep.:   Joe Englebert

Warsaw Central School

Work: (585) 786-8000 ext. 1147



Principals' Rep.: Dave Pullen
Penn Yan CSD

Work: (315) 536-4408


At-Large Rep.: Jim Zumbo



Girls Sport Rep: Doreen Martin
Scio CSD

Work: (585) 596-6312



Boys Sport Rep: Peter Mancuso
The Harley School

Work:(585) 442-1770



Section V Council: Maureen Lamb
Lamb Law Offices - Rochester, NY

Work: (585) 325-6700




Past Presidents

1921-1954 Elmer K. Smith Rochester City School District
1954-1955 Lewis Bradley Dansville Central Schools
1955-1962 Harold Bonestell Geneva Central Schools
1962-1965 Nick Zona Rochester City School District
1965-1968 Roger Hauck Perry Central Schools
1968-1970 David Doyle Kendall Central Schools
1970-1971 Oliver S. Cook Phelps-Clifton Springs School District
1971-1974 Carl Palumbo Victor Central Schools
1974-1976 John Carbaugh Brighton Central Schools
1976-1979 Paul Fauth Greece Olympia High School
1979-1981 James DeBell Jefferson High School
1981-1984 Lyman Sheilds Arkport Central Schools
1984-1986 Pete Schreiber Attica Central Schools
1986-1988 Judi Knight Edison Tech High School
1988-1990 James Dollard Honeoye Falls-Lima Central Schools
1990-1992 Mike Foster Canandaigua Central Schools
1992-1994 Don Ramsay Greece Arcadia High School
1994-1996 Ed Stores Attica Central Schools
1996-1997 Don Knataitis Williamson Central Schools
1997-1998 Ted Bondi Geneseo Central Schools
1998-2000 Kathy Smith East High School
2000-2002 Dennis Fries West Irondequoit Central Schools
2002-2004 Phill Langton Spencerport Central Schools
2004-2006 Rick Amundson Lyons Central Schools
2006-2008 Joe Sposato Waterloo Central Schools
2008-2010 David Green West Irondequoit C.S.D.
2010-2012 Jim Zumbo Fairport C.S.D.
2012-2014 Joe Backer Letchworth C.S.D.
2014-2016 Fritz Kilian Fairport C.S.D.
2016- 2018 Pete Shambo

Penfield C.S.D.