Section V Girls Lacrosse Coordinator

Section V is looking to fill the position of girls’ lacrosse coordinator. Section V recognizes the importance of the position of Sports Coordinator as an integral part of the interscholastic athletic program. Sport Coordinators will chair their respective sport committees which are comprised of representatives selected by the individual leagues. Each Sport Coordinator shall be the official sectional representative of his/her sport.  With their committee, the Coordinator shall make suggestions on action items and any tournament changes to the Executive committee and Athletic council related to his/her sport with the best interests of the Section and its student athletes.

Any individual of a member school (professional staff or retiree) may serve as Sport Coordinator.

If interested please submit a letter of interest by Monday, Oct. 30th to:

Kathy Hoyt

Executive Director of Section V Athletics

131 Drumlin Court – Maple Building

Newark  NY  14513


Please call 315-332-7324 if you have any questions. 




Congratulations to the inaugural class of the

Section V Executive Hall of Fame


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