Girls Lacrosse

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Girls Lacrosse Overtime Procedures
(Rule 4, pages 25-26)

5-minute rest and coin toss (visitor calls) for choice of ends

6 minutes (two 3-minute periods) of stop clock overtime will be played

  • The clock will be stopped after 3 minutes of play in order for teams to change ends with no delay for coaching.
  • The game is restarted by a center draw.
  • The team which is ahead at the end of six minutes wins the game.

If teams are still tied after six minutes have elapsed, the teams will have a
3-minute rest and change ends.

The winner will then be decided on a “sudden victory” stop-clock overtime of no more than six minutes in length.

  • Teams changing ends after 3 minutes.
  • The game will be restarted by a center draw.
  • The team scoring the first goal wins the game.

Play will continue with “sudden victory” stop-clock overtime periods of six minutes in length with 3 minutes in between and change of ends until a winning goal is scored.

Each team shall be permitted two time outs per game which would include overtime.

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